Intentional Camera Movement Showcase of Members’ Images

December 2, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Castle Park Arts Centre
off Fountains Lane
Ian Stanley
Intentional Camera Movement Showcase of Members' Images @ Castle Park Arts Centre

Following on from the talk last season by Mark Reeves LRPS when he showed examples of his Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) photography; we will be holding a fun evening on this subject. The evening is an informal viewing of images and not a competition, it will not count to any annual prizes.

So get your creative juices flowing and shake that camera!

Mark has kindly agreed to offer feedback on our images for the evening. He will also be showing a short slideshow of his latest work.
Here are some guidelines about the sort of images Mark is expecting …

a/ ICM “in camera” single shots are OK
b/ ICM with double “in camera” exposures are OK
c/ Double exposures merged later in post-processing are NOT OK
d/ Motion blur introduced in images later in post-processing is NOT OK

We would like to encourage all members to submit images for this, you don’t need fancy equipment to try out ICM, even a phone will do.
The entry system is similar to the one we use for competitions but with the following changes:

1/ You can upload up to 8 images in total.
2/ You need to rank these from 1 to 8 where 1 is the one you like most.
3/ So that everyone gets a fair chance of their image being displayed, we will guarantee to use your 4 highest ranked images (the ones you have numbers 1 – 4) in the viewing.
4/ Andrew and Ian will curate these images, plus any extras we select from the remaining images ranked 5 -8, into a slideshow for the evening. We will try to show as many images as possible within the time we have.

All we need now are your images!