2019/20 Annual 3 Way Battle Results

Annual 3 way Battle Frodsham v Middlewich v Northwich 2nd March 2020
Judge: Keith R Barber FIScT CPAGB LRPS

Winner of the best Print

Northwich with 'Crested Tit, Scotland' by Barbara Baker

Winner of the best PDI

Frodsham with 'In a Summer Meadow' by Lynda Haney

Final Scores


Mid Cheshire

352 Points

Second Place


349 Points

Third Place


345 Points







Frodsham DPSLynda Haney Mothers Meeting19
Frodsham DPSIan Stanley Island in Loch Ard19
Frodsham DPSMiriam Manners Hamlet18
Frodsham DPSMiriam Manners One Can Dream18
Frodsham DPSBarry Howarth Chrysaora18
Frodsham DPSAndrew Williams 159 for Hampton Court17
Frodsham DPSBrian Lunt Heart of Steel16
Frodsham DPSBill Griffiths Man in the Middle16
Frodsham DPSRoy Bowden Beech Wood15
Frodsham DPSNicky Higgens Honesty15


Mid Cheshire CCKath Hill Red Squirrel Feeding19
Mid Cheshire CCRay Girling The Passenger19
Mid Cheshire CCSheila Regan Sunlit Crags19
Mid Cheshire CCRay Girling The Dancers18
Mid Cheshire CCTom Shekleston Liverpool Reflections18
Mid Cheshire CCSheila Regan Glacial Waters17
Mid Cheshire CCTom Shekleston Broken Down in the west17
Mid Cheshire CCRay Hill Preparing for Harvest17
Mid Cheshire CCKath Hill Crested Tit16
Mid Cheshire CCJoff Trotman Winter Morning16


Northwich PSBarbara Baker Crested Tit Scotland20
Northwich PSMick Rogers Olympic Peninsula From Puget Sound19
Northwich PSRobert Rhead Northern Lights Chapel18
Northwich PSDavid Whitehead Pit Head18
Northwich PSRobert Rhead Under The Lighthouse Dancing18
Northwich PSMick Rogers Footplate Nocturne17
Northwich PSDavid Whitehead Natural History Museum17
Northwich PSBarbara Baker Red Squirrel, Scotland17
Northwich PSGraham Rowe St Paul's and Millennium Bridge17
Northwich PSGrant Spurr Cumbrian Water Mill16








Frodsham DPSLynda Haney In a Summer Meadow20
Frodsham DPSMarie Aldridge Kestrel with Prey19
Frodsham DPSBrian Lunt Time Machine19
Frodsham DPSLiz Kenny Street Dancing18
Frodsham DPSAnn Gardiner Lone Flower18
Frodsham DPSGeoff White Gone Clear18
Frodsham DPSIan Stanley Jester18
Frodsham DPSPeter Edwards Eyelure17
Frodsham DPSBill Griffiths Functional Minimalism16
Frodsham DPSJeff Mulholland Energy15


Mid Cheshire CCIan Whiston Cheetah with Food for Sibling19
Mid Cheshire CCRay Girling In Safe Hands19
Mid Cheshire CCKath Hill Mad Hatter19
Mid Cheshire CCRay Girling In to the Wave18
Mid Cheshire CCJim Cain Dandelion seed head18
Mid Cheshire CCIan Whiston Fishing Heron18
Mid Cheshire CCRay Hill Boeing 747-436 Flypast with the Red Arrows17
Mid Cheshire CCDale Smith New York City reflections16
Mid Cheshire CCRay Hill Looking for the Next Fence16
Mid Cheshire CCIan Smith Hudsonian Whimbrel16


Northwich PSBarbara Baker Brown Bear, Finland18
Northwich PSDavid Whitehead Leili18
Northwich PSRichard Breland Porsche18
Northwich PSRobert Rhead Vestrahorn Reflected18
Northwich PSRichard Breland Stormy Seas17
Northwich PSBarbara Baker White-tailed Sea-Eagle, Scotland17
Northwich PSRobert Rhead Engulfed16
Northwich PSGreg Baker Velvet-purple Coronet Male16
Northwich PSJohn Morrison A Man his Dog and an Angel15
Northwich PSJohn Morrison Ladybird on Acer15