A Photographer who inspired me (Pecha Kucha)

October 11, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Marie Aldridge


This meeting is about the thousands of photographers that have been amongst us for over 150 years.  We see their work daily in all forms of media, in books, newspapers, magazines, billboards, computers, televisions, mobile phones and

photos now even have their own special galleries that explore current photographers and historical works.


We would like to choose a photographer whose has touched you in some way.  It may have influenced the way you have produced some of your own work or you’re thinking about a particular project.
It would be interesting to put them into a ‘PECHA KUCHA’ format so we can really concentrate their focus on their lives, works and exhibitions
The ‘Pecha Kucha’ —- This involves putting 20 images together on a theme, documentary, experiences or just 20 of you best photographic images.  These play in a slide show allowing 20 seconds for each image.  Then you chat about each slide for less than 20 seconds.   There are many examples online and below is links to how to make a Pecha Kucha using, ‘Power Point’. If you are unsure how to do it, please contact me as your images will look amazing when put into a simple slide show.
How to make a Pecha Kucha Slide Presentation
Hold control and click on the link to open it.




We would like you to share your favourite photographer. Showing a variety of their images, exploring their life and what impact they have had on you.
It would great if you could say a few words about their work, where you first saw them, why you liked them and how it made you feel.
If you do not fancy speaking, you can write me some notes and I will chat on your behalf.
I am looking forward to sharing your inspirational photographers. Send your inspirational images to the email address below.




Ansel Adams                                                            Ernest Hass                                                                       Don Mc’Cullin                                                                             Steve Mc Curry

   Cindy Sherman

  Philip – Lorca di Corcia