Close to Home

February 20, 2023 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Frodsham Community Centre
Marie Aldridge

About the Project

We live in a beautiful county with many landscape opportunities all around us.
We suggest making multiple visits to an area close to your home.
You may even be able to walk there!
This will enable you to photograph the variations during 2022/23 in an environmentally friendly way.

It could mean photographing the same scene through the seasons or taking abstract images that reflect your interpretations of your local area through the year.
To take part in this project you will need to create a set of six images taken in 2022/23 including all four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter.


-Taken locally (say within 10 miles of your home)
-Forms a cohesive set of six images
-Interprets the passage of time through 2022/2023


Your images will be downloaded as we did for the ’Seeing in Sixes’ evening this season.
There will be six separate images plus one with all six images arranged on a single base image
We will have a session halfway through the season to share your progress and discuss any issues you are having.

To submit your images, they need to be resized to our normal size. They will be uploaded through the website in the usual way.

Before the end of the season we will have an evening sharing everyone’s excellent photography.
All sets of images will be displayed on the F.D.P.S. website.
Up to three portfolios can be submitted.

Good luck in finding your own subjects, style, and interpretations of your local area during 2022/23


Andrew has put an entry form on the website which you can find here. Fill in the order you want the images to be displayed.  The closing date for entries is 14.02.2023


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