Mix and Match Competition 2023 CD 5/9/23

October 16, 2023 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Frodsham Community Centre
Fluin Lane
Tec Evans

Each year we hold a fun ‘Mix and Match’ competition with Ellesmere Port P.S. We alternate hosting this between the club and it is our turn this year.

The event is always a lot of fun with lots of banter and attempts to influence the judge (not usually successful!).

The basic rules are as follows:

The room is set up with two screens and projectors. The first club displays an image, the second club then displays an image that ‘matches’…this could be content, colour, shape etc. If the judge agrees that there is a match the second club is awarded a point, if there is no match then the first club receives the point. There is also a point awarded for the better image in each round….ie two points awarded for each of the thirty rounds. Clubs alternate in displaying the first image in each round. Each club is only allowed 30 images. There is only a short time to choose your matching image.

When selecting the 30 images we need to try to have some that are difficult to match (when it’s our turn to display first) and a selection of ‘matchable’ images when we try to match theirs.

We will need 30 DPIs most of which will be selected form competition entries, however, we also need some unusual or quirky images. They are not the sort you would usually enter in a competition so we are asking you to upload any suitable images you may have. The key thing is that they should be difficult for the other club to match so bear this in mind.

Please upload up to 6 images by clicking on the button. The closing date is not until the 5th of September but we need to start planning now.

On the night Lynda Haney will coordinate the entries and do all the “hands on” with the laptop, with the help of another (to be assigned).

The judge for the evening will be John Smith APAGB, CPAGB, Hon LCPU