2020/21 Competition 2 Open Results Listing

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Results from the competition Open Subject held on 26th October 2020, Judge Chris Kay ARPS





Lynda Haney Otter With FoodWinner
Marie Aldridge Puffin with FishVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Sing Me a Song Little BirdieVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Squabbling StarlingsVery Highly Commended
Brian Lunt CosmosVery Highly Commended
Graham Rowe When I Grow UpVery Highly Commended
Wynford Evans Summer 2020 Sun Sea and CyclingHighly Commended
Bill Griffiths Sixty NineHighly Commended
Brian Lunt Dandelion ClockHighly Commended
Ian Stanley Dawn MistsHighly Commended
Vince Scriven Gannet landingHighly Commended
Peter Edwards Full ThrottleCommended
Bill Griffiths Hey, look at meCommended
Delena Harris Deer oh deerCommended
Nicky Higgens rain stops playCommended
Ian Stanley Illuminated WoodlandCommended
Marie Aldridge Smiling Eyes
Marie Aldridge Peep Po
Marie Aldridge My Smart Sweet Monster
Marie Aldridge Look Into My Big Brown Eyes
Roy Bowden Shedsville
Roy Bowden Damson at night
Roy Bowden Light of day
Roy Bowden High fives
Peter Edwards The Shepard
Peter Edwards neck and neck
Peter Edwards girl waits for no time
Peter Edwards Bolton Abbey
Tec Evans criss cross
Tec Evans curve
Tec Evans double glazing
Tec Evans rewolf
Wynford Evans Maybe Next Year
Wynford Evans New Manchester
Wynford Evans Tranquillity
Wynford Evans Gothic Graveyard
Ann Gardiner Lime tree seeds
Ann Gardiner citrus splash
Ann Gardiner oil on water
Bill Griffiths Boat house at Belton Park
Bill Griffiths The man
Bill Griffiths White horse at Milk Hill
Lynda Haney Rhinos on the Move
Lynda Haney Balloon for the Children
Delena Harris Antica Osteria Antico
Delena Harris Forgotten
Delena Harris Jacobite Steam Train
Delena Harris Three Birds
Nicky Higgens above the trees
Nicky Higgens standing tall
Nicky Higgens tulips
Nicky Higgens elgol beach ball
Barrie Howarth Low Tide
Barrie Howarth Snowburner Fuchsia
Barrie Howarth Windmills in the Sunset
Jenny Julian The Glass Ceiling
Jenny Julian Guggenhein Museum Bilbao
Jenny Julian Red Vespa
Liz Kenny Beetham Tower
Liz Kenny Study Time
Liz Kenny Little Owls
Liz Kenny Light and Shade
Liz Kenny The Roundabout
Brian Lunt Comma
Brian Lunt Peacock
Brian Lunt Green Veined White Butterfly
Jeff Mulholland Three Columns
Jeff Mulholland Beech Trees
Jeff Mulholland Holes
Jeff Mulholland Love On The Docks
Jeff Mulholland Man and Dog Staycation
Graham Rowe Lioness With Kill
Graham Rowe Odean Reflections
Graham Rowe Sy Pauls And Millennium Bridge
Graham Rowe The Wood Nymph
Vince Scriven Peering Otter
Ian Stanley New York City
Ian Stanley Tipped with White
Ian Stanley Under Duress
Miriam Manners elephants at play
Miriam Manners louis mendes
Miriam Manners aquilegia
Miriam Manners white burst
Miriam Manners blowing in the wind
Andrew Williams Berwick Lighthouse
Andrew Williams Piercing the Clouds
Andrew Williams Pink Passion
Andrew Williams Summers Over
Andrew Williams Watching