With the decision to hold virtual meetings until January, the full details of our programme for the 2020/21 season are still being finalised, however the list of competition themes will be as follow. The competitions up January will be PDI only. Dates will be posted on the website as soon […]

Competition Themes 2020/21

Work on the exhibition continues and we have now completed the selection of the images. The next step is to print and mount each image, I will send an email with details shortly. Rest assured that, if you need any help in printing and/or mounting your images, we will provide […]

Exhibition Update   Recently updated!

We held our AGM on 26 April using Zoom, with an excellent turnout of 23 members. The draft minutes will be posted below once available, along with the Agenda, Minutes of the 2019 AGM & 2020 EGM that were approved at the AGM. The key take-aways from the AGM were: […]

AGM – 26 April 2021   Recently updated!

Please note that we have had to extend the “Sixes” to cover the entire evening of 8th March. This is due to very high demand. This means that the Lightroom Q&A due to take place for part of that evening will be postponed now until the 29th March. If you […]

Lightroom Q&A

The Club has secured Gallery 2 at Castle Park Arts Centre for an exhibition of member’s work. The dates for your diary are 11th August to the 19th September with a preview evening on 13th August. We want to showcase work from all our members so we need your best […]

Club Exhibition 2021

Marie has organised a really interesting new member’s evening for Monday 1st February and we would like as many members as possible to take part. On the website you will find a gallery of all the images which, believe it or not, failed to impress the judge in our first […]

The One That Got Away

I want to remind members that time is running out for our Individual Projects. Since giving them out the world has turned somersaults. I know many of you have changed subjects, including myself. Last year we shared some very, interesting work that really showed how creative our members can be. […]

Members’ Individual Projects

To get you back in the photographic zone after Christmas we are having a fun challenge as the second part of our Member’s Evening on 11th January. We would like you to exercise those ‘little grey cells’ to come up with some ‘Mystery Images’, photographs of everyday objects taken from […]

Mystery Object ???

On Monday 14th Dec. we had an excellent Member’s Evening presented by Marie and Ian based on Liz Pearce’s original idea where local artist David Button reviewed our images which were based upon the style of an artist. David chose a number of images for more detailed comment. There was […]

Images in the Style of Gallery

Following the recent presentation by Robert Harvey some members asked about exposure times for photographing the Moon. Clearly the times will vary depending on how “old” the Moon is or in other words what phase it is showing. The details can be found on Robert’s website here. Also there is […]

Phases of the Moon