With the decision to hold virtual meetings until January, the full details of our programme for the 2020/21 season are still being finalised, however the list of competition themes will be as follow. The competitions up January will be PDI only. Dates will be posted on the website as soon […]

Competition Themes 2020/21

We are pleased to announce that the March presentation slot has now been taken by Jade Stacy Maria. This will be an online presentation using zoom. Jade is a fashion and fine art model of almost 8 years who specialises in shooting predominantly on location. She has extensive experience in […]

March Presentation – Jade Stacy Maria

Unfortunately some of the springtime presentations have had to be cancelled because they were not compatible with our current online-only status. This is really due to the coronavirus. This means that the slots in the programme scheduled for talks in February, March & April will be updated soon. The February […]

Spring Presentations Amended

You may remember Maria Falconer MA MSc FRPS who made a presentation to the club recently on the subject of “dance” plus in the second half more “avant garde” images? She has contacted us to let us know that she and her partner Paul Hill are intending to do a […]

Maria Falconer and Paul Hill

Note that the original presentation planned for February 2021 will no longer take place as it cannot be made covid-compatible. However we can announce that Valda Bailey will now take the slot and present her talk ‘Let us Play – the appeal of photographic impressionism’ This is a fantastic opportunity […]

Valda Bailey

This was our first online competition using an external judge. Overall the evening went smoothly and we have learnt some lessons as well! The results are now available here. The next competition is our first Open subject which will be judged on 26th October, don’t forget the hand in dates […]

Looking Through Competition & next closing date

This was our first attempt at a public Zoom talk and we hope everyone who attended enjoyed Jeremy’s images from 5x macro insects up to Sea Eagles. To see more of Jeremy’s work or to browse his upcoming workshops, please visit his website here. The Society’s 2020-21 season start on […]

Jeremy Malley-Smith

This was scheduled to take place last season before the lockdown changed the way we run the Society. As a result the entry system was set up to follow the competition rules for mixed Print and PDI entries. The competition will now be the first one for the 2020/21 season […]

Looking Through Competition

We allocated our individual projects after our quiz online. Members projects are listed in the table below and hopefully you can develop the idea in your own way. If you find you are unable to come up with any ideas or really hate the project, I have a few more […]

Projects for New Season