2021/22 Competiton 2 Trychs Results Listing

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Results from the competition Tychs Subject held on 26th October 2021, Judge Phil Mann





Nicky Higgens LlanberisWinner
Nicky Higgens DandelionVery Highly Commended
Liz Kenny Love in a MistVery Highly Commended
Miriam Manners glories pastVery Highly Commended
Miriam Manners gullsVery Highly Commended
Delena Harris Dark HedgesHighly Commended
Jenny Julian Aldeburgh Scallop ShellHighly Commended
Liz Kenny Flowers and PollinatorsHighly Commended
Liz Kenny Liverpool Cathedral Peace DovesHighly Commended
Marie Aldridge Three by ThreeCommended
Magdalena Fray Magical Woodland in AutumnCommended
Delena Harris The ExplorerCommended
Delena Harris Beach PatternsCommended
Nicky Higgens Barbara HepworthCommended
Nicky Higgens Silver BirchCommended
Brian Lunt Bentley deconstructedCommended
Ian Stanley InfectionCommended
Andrew Williams Floral FisheyeCommended
Marie Aldridge Girls and their Horses
Marie Aldridge Liquid Gold Under the Old and the New
Marie Aldridge Magnolia
Marie Aldridge Jellyfish Waiting for the Tide
Peter Edwards Pinky
Peter Edwards Jagged Edge
Tec Evans Langdale valley
Tec Evans Rhos on Sea
Tec Evans Trees
Magdalena Fray Purity
Magdalena Fray Vibrance
Magdalena Fray Arley Hall Sundial Statue
Magdalena Fray Terracotta Warriors
Ann Gardiner Fiery Ferrari
Ann Gardiner Death throes of a tulip
Ann Gardiner Pink poppy
Bill Griffiths Made in England
Bill Griffiths Three bridges
Bill Griffiths Pool near Walk Mill
Bill Griffiths He went away then came back
Delena Harris Purple flowers
Delena Harris Dinosaurs
Nicky Higgens Feather
Jenny Julian Many floors of grey
Jenny Julian Grand Tetons
Jenny Julian Windows
Jenny Julian Deepdale
Liz Kenny Queen Tribute Band
Liz Kenny Ripples
Brian Lunt Man of Many Moods
Brian Lunt Grasses
Brian Lunt Meerkats
Brian Lunt Switchgear
Miriam Manners shower time
Miriam Manners liverpool icons
Miriam Manners thespian
Jeff Mulholland Britain Tour 2021
Jeff Mulholland Sailing
Jeff Mulholland Street Band
Jeff Mulholland Flowers One two and Three
Graham Rowe Wet Whitby
Graham Rowe The Entertainers
Graham Rowe The Three Madonnas
Vince Scriven Up and over
Ian Stanley Delamere Forest
Ian Stanley Men in Dark Glasses
Ian Stanley The Best in Show
Ian Stanley Urban Dancers
Andrew Williams Falling Leaves
Andrew Williams Closing In
Andrew Williams Tidal Flow
Andrew Williams Industry