2022/23 Comp 4 Sport (POY)

This form must be received by the Competition Secretary by 11:45 Tuesday 24/01/23. It should be submitted electronically when completed by clicking the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page. Your entry can be edited up until the closing date.

We would like to display all the entries on this website. We will use our judgement to omit ‘sensitive’ images, if you want to decide for yourself tick the ‘Refuse Permission’ box against the relevant entry.

For the 2022/23 season the majority of competitions will be PDI ONLY. The Annual Open competition will have both a Print and PDI competition and there will be some informal print display opportunities throughout the season.
There are some minor changes for this season. The number of entries per competition has been reduced to 4 (from 5) to allow time for more detailed judges comments in the time available.
Also please indicate your order of preference against each image. If we receive too many entries we may not show your lowest rated images, although experience shows that this very rarely happens.

Please size your entries to fit within 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high. This means that a portrait image would be 1050 pixels high (the width will vary), a landscape image will be 1400 pixels wide (the height will vary but must not exceed 1050 pixels) and a square image will be 1050 pixels x 1050 pixels. Please do not rotate your image to fit. There is some guidance on image preparation here.

Full competition rules can be found here.

NOTE: If you get an error message when submitting your images it is probably caused by either

  • A slow internet connection so that the process times out before completing
  • The total size of your images is greater than the limit of 8Mb

To get around this upload fewer images at a time. Select and upload 1 or 2 images, submit these and see if that works. If so click the Edit button and you can upload more images. If this doesn’t fix things email webmaster@frodsham.photos.

PLEASE Do not use ANY punctuation marks, accents etc. in your image title as this causes extra work when preparing the competition.
ONLY use letters A to Z a to z and numbers 0-9,

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