2020/21 Competition 1 Looking Through Results Listing

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Results from the competition Subject 'Looking Through' held on 21st September 2020, Judge Diana Magor LRPS CPAGB BPE3* EFIAP/b MPSA





Delena Harris The phone callWinner
Lynda Haney Surrounded by FurVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Through Dads LegsVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Looking Through the FrameVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney WatchingVery Highly Commended
Nicky Higgens lushVery Highly Commended
Liz Kenny Threes A CrowdVery Highly Commended
Liz Kenny Gallery ViewVery Highly Commended
Wynford Evans Fading MemoriesHighly Commended
Lynda Haney Girl Behind the BlindsHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens conwyHighly Commended
Liz Kenny Tiger WatchHighly Commended
Jane Cumming Mirror MirrorCommended
Peter Edwards go awayCommended
Wynford Evans View from the Pottery CanteenCommended
Tec Evans Let me outCommended
Bill Griffiths Ooh so that is what is inside thereCommended
Delena Harris Frosted glassCommended
Jenny Julian Perch RockCommended
Jenny Julian Fountains Abbey cellariumCommended
Brian Lunt Looking OutCommended
Brian Lunt On CameraCommended
Ian Stanley Jetty at High TideCommended
Ian Stanley Shopping TrolleysCommended
Andrew Williams Into the LightCommended
Delena Harris The room beyond
Nicky Higgens lolly licker
Nicky Higgens cafe stories
Miriam Manners Taking Shelter
Miriam Manners Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan Bridge
Miriam Manners Wind Farm from Hilbre Island
Ian Stanley Three Arches
Andrew Williams The Market
Andrew Williams Zig Zag
Delena Harris A face at the window
Barrie Howarth Watching
Jeff Mulholland Where Are You Man
Ian Stanley Stag
Andrew Williams Radcliffe Camera
Jane Cumming Inside the Chasm
Peter Edwards Jake and Alfie
Wynford Evans Watching you Watching Me
Tec Evans Church tower
Bill Griffiths Peeping inside a millionaires toy box
Bill Griffiths View through the starboard blister
Nicky Higgens ribbon tunnel
Jenny Julian Canyonlands National Park
Liz Kenny At The Opera
Jeff Mulholland Watch The Birdy
Jeff Mulholland Wow
Marie Aldridge Through an Old Eye
Marie Aldridge What isThrough the Tunnel
Peter Edwards my telescope
Wynford Evans Old Manchester New Manchester
Jenny Julian Through the leaves
Liz Kenny Hits Radio
Miriam Manners Not such a clever thing to do
Jeff Mulholland Better This Way
Ian Stanley High Rise
Andrew Williams Is it Art
Marie Aldridge Looking Through a Telescope
Marie Aldridge Through the Back of the Jeep
Jane Cumming Treasury Found
Jane Cumming Forest Path
Peter Edwards leaf spirit
Wynford Evans Conway Castle through the eye of an anchor
Tec Evans Could be me
Tec Evans Pathway
Ann Gardiner Photograph through a crystal ball
Bill Griffiths Through the perimeter wire
Barrie Howarth Cloisters Window
Barrie Howarth Little Moreton Hall
Brian Lunt Desperate
Brian Lunt The All Seeing Eye
Brian Lunt Through a Glass Darkly
Miriam Manners I see you have been waiting a long time