2020/21 Competition Mobile Phone Photography

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Results from the competition Mobile Phone Photography held on 19th October 2020, Judge Peter Edwards





Nicky Higgens swing timeWinner
Lynda Haney Pink and BlueVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney A Bowl of Rusty NutsVery Highly Commended
Nicky Higgens garlic poochVery Highly Commended
Nicky Higgens hob hey garlic pathVery Highly Commended
Nicky Higgens the end of summerVery Highly Commended
Liz Kenny Art AppreciationVery Highly Commended
Marie Aldridge PolHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens empty chairsHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens frodsham sunsetHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens rain stops playHighly Commended
Liz Kenny Every Picture Tells a StoryHighly Commended
Graham Rowe Wells CathedralHighly Commended
Marie Aldridge LOW KEY HYDRACommended
Marie Aldridge PAN HELBY HILLCommended
Marie Aldridge Magic Morning LightCommended
Tec Evans The faceCommended
Tec Evans Flies on chestnutCommended
Tec Evans Looking upCommended
Tec Evans Wild flowersCommended
Nicky Higgens shadowsCommended
Nicky Higgens cow parsleyCommended
Liz Kenny James Street StationCommended
Liz Kenny Albert Salthouse BridgeCommended
Jeff Mulholland Sundown CheersCommended
Vince Scriven ReliefCommended
Andrew Williams DancingCommended
Andrew Williams Peach RhododendronCommended
Andrew Williams Spring GreensCommended
Andrew Williams RoseCommended
Marie Aldridge A Little Surprisejpg
Marie Aldridge A Polly Cuddlejpg
Marie Aldridge Reflection
Marie Aldridge Muddy Wellies
Marie Aldridge Golden Light RS
Wynford Evans Hidden Bridge
Wynford Evans Tunnel Top
Tec Evans Architrave
Tec Evans Autumn leaves
Tec Evans Window gazing
Tec Evans Postcard reflection
Tec Evans No dog here
Tec Evans Pumpkin face
Lynda Haney Shooters Pool
Lynda Haney Hale Lighthouse
Lynda Haney Sunlit Acer Leaves
Lynda Haney Play With Me
Lynda Haney Curious Cows
Lynda Haney Sunrise
Lynda Haney Weaver Colours
Lynda Haney Delamere Trees
Nicky Higgens fairy gateway
Liz Kenny Leading Light
Liz Kenny St Peters Square
Jeff Mulholland Aye Storms Coming
Jeff Mulholland Evensong
Jeff Mulholland In Flight
Jeff Mulholland The Mill Pond
Jeff Mulholland Woodland Walk
Graham Rowe Admiring The View
Graham Rowe Bembridge
Graham Rowe Follow My Leader
Graham Rowe Inside The Christmas Tree
Graham Rowe Lucerne
Graham Rowe The Beach
Graham Rowe The Lifeboat Station
Graham Rowe Trafford Centre
Graham Rowe The Cottage Garden
Andrew Williams Approaching Storm
Andrew Williams Autumn Gold
Andrew Williams Eastgate
Andrew Williams Eating Out
Andrew Williams Eucalyptus
Andrew Williams Road to Nowhere