2020/21 Competition 3 Curves Results Listing

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Results from the competition Curves Subject held on 30th November 2020, Judge Rob Hockney DPAGB, BPE5*





Marie Aldridge Straight to CurvesWinner
Marie Aldridge A Smoky RoseVery Highly Commended
Bill Griffiths Oh SugarVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney BraidVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney RGB CurvesVery Highly Commended
Delena Harris Musical curvesVery Highly Commended
Graham Rowe Split ShellVery Highly Commended
Ian Stanley Windswept DandelionVery Highly Commended
Marie Aldridge Curly QHighly Commended
Wynford Evans Contemporary Railway ArchitectureHighly Commended
Bill Griffiths Upward spiralHighly Commended
Lynda Haney Contemplating the Flight of TimeHighly Commended
Lynda Haney Visitors at the MuseumHighly Commended
Delena Harris Glenfinnan ViaductHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens slippy slideHighly Commended
Brian Lunt Evening Sun at SheldrakesHighly Commended
Brian Lunt BananasHighly Commended
Miriam Manners Stairway to HeavenHighly Commended
Ian Stanley Liverpool MuseumHighly Commended
Marie Aldridge Magic CirclesCommended
Peter Edwards The Merchants BridgeCommended
Tec Evans RainbowCommended
Tec Evans RooftopCommended
Ann Gardiner carefully carvedCommended
Ann Gardiner Parabolic poolCommended
Ann Gardiner The end of the railCommended
Ann Gardiner The curves of a cabbageCommended
Bill Griffiths Taking it slowCommended
Delena Harris Rusty curvesCommended
Delena Harris WavesCommended
Nicky Higgens lightbox grassesCommended
Nicky Higgens curvacious cafeCommended
Barrie Howarth Wash circleCommended
Jenny Julian Glass and steelCommended
Miriam Manners Metal PuzzleCommended
Jeff Mulholland Edges OnCommended
Jeff Mulholland RoundaboutCommended
Graham Rowe The SageCommended
Andrew Williams Ecaho Arena ReflectionsCommended
Andrew Williams Lloyds BuildingCommended
Marie Aldridge Look Out There Is A Snake About
Roy Bowden The Alcazar at Seville
Roy Bowden Elf cups
Roy Bowden Seaweed
Roy Bowden Fork
Roy Bowden Limpet
Peter Edwards statuesque
Peter Edwards Barrel Role
Peter Edwards Underneath The Arches
Wynford Evans Art Deco Spiral Staircase
Wynford Evans Section of Spiral Staircase
Wynford Evans The Red Room
Wynford Evans Two Bridges Over The River Weaver
Tec Evans A faint view
Tec Evans Intersections
Tec Evans Skylight
Ann Gardiner contrasting curves
Bill Griffiths Going round the bend
Bill Griffiths Curvaceous curves
Lynda Haney Kings Cross Tunnel
Delena Harris Forth Rail Bridge
Nicky Higgens moody fern
Nicky Higgens bongo abstract
Barrie Howarth Light trails
Barrie Howarth Wheel and dome
Jenny Julian Seaside curves
Jenny Julian Cogs and curves
Brian Lunt Beer Barrels
Brian Lunt MX5
Brian Lunt Forks
Miriam Manners Snoozing Swan
Miriam Manners llumination
Miriam Manners On your Bike
Jeff Mulholland Autocurves
Jeff Mulholland Spoons
Jeff Mulholland Natures Curves
Graham Rowe Durdle Dor
Graham Rowe Tyne Cot Cemetery
Graham Rowe Ribblehead Viaduct
Ian Stanley Curves and Lace
Ian Stanley Selfridges Circles
Ian Stanley Table Tennis Arena
Andrew Williams Autumn Swirls
Andrew Williams Upturned Hull
Andrew Williams Picton Reading Room