2020/21 Competition 4 Open Results Listing

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Results from the competition subject Open held on 4th January 2021, Judge Keith Barber CPAGB LRPS FIScT





Lynda Haney Three Wise MacaquesWinner
Lynda Haney GyrfalconVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Water NymphVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Young Bucks Meet a SquirrelVery Highly Commended
Jenny Julian Llanberis lone treeVery Highly Commended
Graham Rowe Sunset Lock LinnheVery Highly Commended
Wynford Evans Winter SunsetHighly Commended
Wynford Evans Northern TownscapeHighly Commended
Ann Gardiner Looks like a rabbitHighly Commended
Bill Griffiths Go Go ProHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens trebarwith strandHighly Commended
Graham Rowe Hawker DragonflyHighly Commended
Andrew Williams Salters Family ScalesHighly Commended
Marie Aldridge A Smoky Brown BirdCommended
Marie Aldridge Let Me OutCommended
Marie Aldridge Flowers Under the IceCommended
Wynford Evans Perfect ControlCommended
Tec Evans A walk in the forrestCommended
Bill Griffiths Long eared owlCommended
Delena Harris Sheep in the HighlandsCommended
Nicky Higgens to the bridgeCommended
Brian Lunt CosmosCommended
Jeff Mulholland LilliesCommended
Graham Rowe Out Of The MistCommended
Andrew Williams Autumn WalkCommended
Marie Aldridge Blue Barbie Catching the Blue Moon
Marie Aldridge A Tern Diving into the wave
Peter Edwards working on my problems
Wynford Evans Morcambe Bay Shrimp Trawler
Tec Evans Colours of leaves
Tec Evans Light and light
Tec Evans Woodland parting
Ann Gardiner Fruit of the arum
Ann Gardiner The day dawns fine
Ann Gardiner Tiny toadstools
Ann Gardiner Yellow iris in autumn
Bill Griffiths Chaffinch
Bill Griffiths Diamond Nine
Bill Griffiths Luv is
Lynda Haney Aerial Attack
Delena Harris Highland cattle
Delena Harris Misty morning stream
Delena Harris Red deer
Delena Harris The harbour
Nicky Higgens country pursuit
Nicky Higgens order meets chaos
Nicky Higgens swing time
Jenny Julian Colourful tree
Liz Kenny Chester Weir
Liz Kenny Star Light
Brian Lunt Beech Leaf
Brian Lunt Toadstools
Brian Lunt Petronas Towers
Brian Lunt Flower
Miriam Manners Going Over
Miriam Manners Sailing
Miriam Manners Fungi with Host
Miriam Manners Two Heads are better than One
Miriam Manners Autumn Leaves
Jeff Mulholland Tallyn Railway
Jeff Mulholland Full Colour
Jeff Mulholland Last of an Age
Jeff Mulholland Tricky Move
Graham Rowe The Crooner
Graham Rowe Tide Mill Woodbridge
Ian Stanley Crooked Jetty
Ian Stanley Deep Water
Ian Stanley Lady reading a book
Ian Stanley Muddy Runner
Ian Stanley The Mooring Post
Andrew Williams Parakeet
Andrew Williams Moth Orchid