2020/21 Competition 5 After Dark Results Listing

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Results from the competition subject 'After Dark' held on 8th February 2021, Judge Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/g DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU





Bill Griffiths Mary PoppinsWinner
Bill Griffiths Victor in the darkVery Highly Commended
Jenny Julian Just fishingVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Evening StrollHighly Commended
Ian Stanley Guitar NightHighly Commended
Peter Edwards Waxing Gibbous MoonHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens northern lightsHighly Commended
Graham Rowe A Christmas Night In BroadwayCommended
Wynford Evans Grand Canal EveningCommended
Jenny Julian Liverpool WaterfrontCommended
Miriam Manners ManhattanCommended
Ian Stanley Reflected EleganceCommended
Brian Lunt Guitar ManCommended
Brian Lunt Light ShowCommended
Nicky Higgens up and underCommended
Wynford Evans Albert Dock Night ColoursCommended
Liz Kenny Foggy Night At The MuseumCommended
Andrew Williams Bosham SunsetCommended
Andrew Williams The Rams HeadCommended
Bill Griffiths Harrier in winter plumage
Bill Griffiths Jack the lad
Bill Griffiths So sweet indeed
Graham Rowe Bonfire Night
Graham Rowe Marbury Moon
Graham Rowe Night Time In The Garden
Graham Rowe The Odean By Night
Jenny Julian Venice in Nevada
Wynford Evans Light Painted Cave
Wynford Evans Manchester Nightingale
Jenny Julian The Pump House
Jenny Julian Arnside
Miriam Manners Empty Seats
Miriam Manners From the Deep
Miriam Manners Love Lemons
Miriam Manners Showing the Way
Ian Stanley Cathedral in Liverpool
Ian Stanley Illuminated Chapel
Ian Stanley Starr Gate
Barrie Howarth Fireworks
Barrie Howarth Wheel Centre
Tec Evans Beach sunset
Tec Evans City at night
Tec Evans Reaching out
Tec Evans Reflected lights
Tec Evans Rialto bridge
Brian Lunt Air Max
Liz Kenny Do They Know Its Christmas
Peter Edwards Backlit Beatles
Marie Aldridge A T LIGHT
Marie Aldridge BOAS RESTING
Marie Aldridge LOOK AT ME
Jeff Mulholland Albert Dock House
Jeff Mulholland A Wheel Of Colour
Jeff Mulholland The Museum
Jeff Mulholland Nightshift
Jeff Mulholland Reflections In Colour
Nicky Higgens light and lines
Nicky Higgens moon
Nicky Higgens night time kelpie
Peter Edwards Ay Karamba
Peter Edwards Jaguar
Peter Edwards Bubbles
Delena Harris Still life by candlelight
Delena Harris Burj Khalifa
Delena Harris Castle at night
Delena Harris Festive fishing boat
Delena Harris Torchlight parade
Liz Kenny Lonely This Christmas
Liz Kenny Chester Crown Court
Liz Kenny Lady of the Night
Andrew Williams Esso
Andrew Williams Spiral
Andrew Williams The Shard