2020/21 Competition 6 High or Low Key Results Listing

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Results from the competition High or Low Key Subject held on 15th March 2021, Judge Rebecca Entwistle





Ian Stanley Winter TreesWinner
Graham Rowe ChainedVery Highly Commended
Graham Rowe TensionVery Highly Commended
Graham Rowe The Beach HutsVery Highly Commended
Bill Griffiths Final preparations to departVery Highly Commended
Ann Gardiner Shades of pinkVery Highly Commended
Ann Gardiner A single bloomVery Highly Commended
Andrew Williams A Touch of RedVery Highly Commended
Andrew Williams Kafir LilyVery Highly Commended
Miriam Manners faded bloomVery Highly Commended
Delena Harris Reading by lamplightVery Highly Commended
Peter Edwards Just One LookVery Highly Commended
Liz Kenny Figuring Out The ArtVery Highly Commended
Peter Edwards EyelureVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney It's Rutting TimeHighly Commended
Lynda Haney Prayer to the AngelsHighly Commended
Lynda Haney ChimpanzeeHighly Commended
Jenny Julian Apples and pearsHighly Commended
Jeff Mulholland Catching UpHighly Commended
Jeff Mulholland Soul SingerHighly Commended
Marie Aldridge Loch in the Morning LightHighly Commended
Delena Harris Red RoseHighly Commended
Delena Harris TeddyHighly Commended
Peter Edwards Portia VictoriaHighly Commended
Brian Lunt Eggs in a BowlHighly Commended
Liz Kenny White PonyHighly Commended
Peter Edwards SadhuHighly Commended
Graham Rowe RebeccaCommended
Bill Griffiths It's only my mother in lawCommended
Lynda Haney CheersCommended
Ann Gardiner Faded gloryCommended
Jenny Julian ChrysanthemumCommended
Ian Stanley Swan LakeCommended
Wynford Evans Last LightCommended
Jeff Mulholland PoolsideCommended
Liz Kenny ArchimedesCommended
Graham Rowe The Entertainer
Bill Griffiths The Window Cleaner and the Drinker
Bill Griffiths The Feathered Arrows Formation
Bill Griffiths Bomber Command Memorial Lincoln
Nicky Higgens balustrade
Nicky Higgens out of the shadows
Nicky Higgens mushroom
Nicky Higgens slow shutter on the solent
Nicky Higgens sweetcorn in the sweet spot
Lynda Haney Still Life With Ladybird
Ann Gardiner White narcissus
Andrew Williams Deep Purple
Andrew Williams Forged in Britain
Andrew Williams Signs of Spring
Ian Stanley Cosmos
Ian Stanley Half Orange
Ian Stanley Mersey Gateway
Wynford Evans Forgotten
Wynford Evans Mersey Fisherman
Wynford Evans Three Canoes
Wynford Evans Tree in a Wheatfield
Miriam Manners chrysanthemum
Miriam Manners masks
Miriam Manners old beauty
Miriam Manners waters edge
Jeff Mulholland Tango Embrace
Jeff Mulholland Dancing with Passion
Marie Aldridge 3 Yellow Tulips
Marie Aldridge Mother and Son
Marie Aldridge Fading Iris
Marie Aldridge Old Lace
Delena Harris Garlic
Delena Harris Singing Robin
Tec Evans Daffodil
Tec Evans Flower head
Barrie Howarth Victoria
Barrie Howarth Stacey
Brian Lunt Arctic Tern
Brian Lunt Ice Crystals
Brian Lunt Leaf
Brian Lunt Frozen
Liz Kenny Hyacinth