2020/21 Competition 7 Annual Open Results Listing

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Results from the competition Movement Subject held on 19th April 2021, Judge Janice Barton





Lynda Haney Sibling RivalryWinner
Nicky Higgens Rock StackVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Kicking up the DustVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Small Skipper on Grass StalkVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney The GiftVery Highly Commended
Graham Rowe Sunset Loch LinnheVery Highly Commended
Delena Harris StonechatVery Highly Commended
Nicky Higgens dandelionHighly Commended
Wynford Evans TranquillityHighly Commended
Ian Stanley OakHighly Commended
Graham Rowe When I Grow UpHighly Commended
Vince Scriven Heron with TroutHighly Commended
Marie Aldridge Coming Down from the MountainsHighly Commended
Brian Lunt Arctic TernHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens llandullasCommended
Marie Aldridge An Early SnowdropCommended
Marie Aldridge Icy FlowersCommended
Delena Harris A face at the windowCommended
Peter Edwards Portia VictoriaCommended
Andrew Williams Autumn WalkCommended
Bill Griffiths I can see clearly now
Bill Griffiths Where are we
Bill Griffiths Sweet Peas in a pot
Bill Griffiths Dunham Massey Military Hospital 1917
Bill Griffiths A calming spot on my walk
Ann Gardiner A single bloom
Ann Gardiner Frosty flakes
Ann Gardiner Lost love
Ann Gardiner Skeletal tree
Ann Gardiner The light at the end of the tunnel
Jenny Julian The Cage at Lyme Park
Jenny Julian Llanberis lone tree
Nicky Higgens calm
Nicky Higgens loch monar
Wynford Evans Last Light
Wynford Evans Mersey Fisherman
Wynford Evans Tree in a Wheatfield
Ian Stanley Cycle Race
Ian Stanley Humber Bridge
Ian Stanley Manhattan
Ian Stanley Thought for the Day
Lynda Haney Dozing Pony
Miriam Manners dancers
Miriam Manners frosty view
Miriam Manners gerber
Miriam Manners reeds
Miriam Manners stairway to heaven
Graham Rowe Haweswater Cumbria
Graham Rowe Lost In Music
Graham Rowe The Wood Nymph
Vince Scriven Horse boarding
Vince Scriven Tawny owl
Vince Scriven Gannet landing
Barrie Howarth Lightspeed
Barrie Howarth Little Moreton Hall
Barrie Howarth Low Tide
Barrie Howarth Stacey
Barrie Howarth Wash circle
Marie Aldridge 2 STRAIGHTS TO 2 CURVES
Brian Lunt Cormorant on Light
Brian Lunt Three Roses
Brian Lunt Weaver View
Brian Lunt In the Bleak Midwinter
Delena Harris The phone call
Tec Evans Reflection
Tec Evans Three tree trunks
Jeff Mulholland Lost Power
Jeff Mulholland Pavillion
Jeff Mulholland Tulips
Jeff Mulholland Soul Singer
Jeff Mulholland Moving Street
Delena Harris Ruthven barracks
Delena Harris Tortoiseshell butterfly
Peter Edwards Low Down
Peter Edwards Waxing Gibbous Moon
Peter Edwards a reflection on legs
Peter Edwards my open heart
Liz Kenny Odd One Out
Andrew Williams A Touch of Red
Andrew Williams Ladies at Lunch
Andrew Williams Shopping
Andrew Williams Kafir Lily