2020/21 Mystery Object

This is a fun challenge, not a competition. You need to upload two images for each entry and can enter up to 5 pairs of images:

  1. Your ‘mystery’ entry image and title. We will show all the ‘mystery’ entries as a slideshow. Then everyone else can guess what your Mystery Object is.

    The mystery image title is optional but, if you enter one. make sure your image title doesn’t give the game away!

  2. Your ‘answer’ image and title. This needs to show the entire object you photographed and a descriptive title. This image will only be shown towards the end of the evening to give people the answers.

Here is an example:

HolesKitchen Colander

This form must be received by 11:45pm Thursday 7/1/21 to allow time to prepare the slideshows.

NOTE: If you get an error message when submitting your images it is probably caused by either

  • A slow internet connection so that the process times out before completing
  • The total size of your images is greater than the limit of 8Mb
    NOTE As this challenge has 2 images per entry this is more likely to happen

To get around this upload fewer images at a time. Select and upload 1 or 2 images, submit these and see if that works. If so click the Edit button and you can upload more images. If this doesn’t fix things email webmaster@frodsham.photos.

1/ Do not use ANY punctuation marks, accents etc. in your image title as this causes extra work when preparing the competition. ONLY use letters A to Z a to z and numbers 0 – 9
2/ Name your files using the image title (see Rule 6)

Here is the entry form:

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