2021/22 Competition 5 Complementary Colours Results Listing

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Lynda Haney A Vase of SunflowersWinner
Lynda Haney Male KingfisherVery Highly Commended
Lynda Haney Two Red FlowersVery Highly Commended
Jenny Julian BubblesVery Highly Commended
Brian Lunt Red WaveVery Highly Commended
Ian Stanley Garden PoppiesVery Highly Commended
Ian Stanley Selfridges BuildingVery Highly Commended
Marie Aldridge Dog Walk Followed by the PubHighly Commended
Peter Edwards Golden BlueHighly Commended
Magdalena Fray Quality StreetHighly Commended
Nicky Higgens the golden archesHighly Commended
Barrie Howarth Tomato in a sea of SproutsHighly Commended
Brian Lunt Blue FlowerHighly Commended
Brian Lunt Purple and YellowHighly Commended
Graham Rowe Amanita MuscariaHighly Commended
Tec Evans Picnic tableCommended
Magdalena Fray Just BeautifulCommended
Ann Gardiner Allium budCommended
Ann Gardiner Bergenia leavesCommended
Ann Gardiner PoppyCommended
Lynda Haney IrisCommended
Lynda Haney LadybirdCommended
Nicky Higgens i feel it in my fingers i feel it in my toesCommended
Nicky Higgens microherbsCommended
Delena Harris BreakfastCommended
Delena Harris ClashCommended
Brian Lunt CameliaCommended
Miriam Manners snail powerCommended
Miriam Manners tithoniaCommended
Jeff Mulholland Autumn ColoursCommended
Graham Rowe Under The BrollyCommended
Andrew Williams Red and GreenCommended
Marie Aldridge Autumnal Leaves
Marie Aldridge Falling Into a Brighter World
Marie Aldridge Looking Down the Street
Marie Aldridge Simple Shades of Yellow and Purple
Tec Evans A frosty morning
Tec Evans Evening sky
Tec Evans Sunset
Magdalena Fray A Poppy
Magdalena Fray Maybe a little treat
Magdalena Fray Ready to Dance
Ann Gardiner Allium seedhead
Bill Griffiths Habit5 Lincoln University
Bill Griffiths Hello I'm Dolly
Bill Griffiths Heads down Bums up
Bill Griffiths Oh oh Devil Woman
Nicky Higgens poolside
Nicky Higgens a watery ying and yang
Barrie Howarth Tulips
Barrie Howarth Trailing Geranium
Delena Harris A Desert Home
Delena Harris Bridges
Delena Harris Lords and Ladies
Jenny Julian Everyman Theatre
Jenny Julian Poinsettia leaf
Liz Kenny Foggy Ferry Landing Stage
Liz Kenny Window at Millers Wharf
Liz Kenny Red Clover
Liz Kenny Castlefields Colour
Liz Kenny City Flyer
Brian Lunt Welsh Poppy
Miriam Manners green bin
Miriam Manners northstar
Miriam Manners not on my street
Jeff Mulholland Fruit With Flowers
Jeff Mulholland Floral Mix
Jeff Mulholland Sweet Swirl
Jeff Mulholland Mosaic Tulip
Graham Rowe Over The Dunes
Graham Rowe Rape Of The Countryside
Graham Rowe The Colours Of Nature
Ian Stanley Blind Man's Buff
Ian Stanley Punch and Judy
Ian Stanley What is your superpower
Andrew Williams Ready for a Repaint
Andrew Williams Galloper
Andrew Williams Top Down
Andrew Williams Watching You