2022/23 Competition 2 Water Results Listing

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Results from the competition Movement Subject held on 7th November 2022, Judge John Haines




Andrew WilliamsThe Old BoathouseWinner
Ann GardinerJewelled trapVery Highly Commended
Nicky Higgensafter the rainVery Highly Commended
Barrie HowarthWatering HoleVery Highly Commended
Liz KennyHigh Tide at St. Marys LighthouseVery Highly Commended
Liz KennyEbbing TideHighly Commended
Pat RuggEarly Morning CalmHighly Commended
Maggie BullockView from CromerCommended
Tec EvansCalm is the seaCommended
Delena HarrisIcelandic RainCommended
Nicky Higgensdown the plugholeCommended
Brian LuntCondensationCommended
Brian LuntWhite WaterCommended
Jeff MulhollandAnother Rainy DayCommended
Nigel Pitts-DrakeRushing ByCommended
Marie AldridgeEvening at the Harbour
Marie AldridgeSea Kayaking Through a City
Marie AldridgeSunset at Aalborgl
Maggie BullockBrighton Seascape
Maggie BullockMull Rainscape
Peter EdwardsArtists Point Yellowstone
Peter EdwardsLake Louise
Peter Edwardsbut is it art
Stephen EllisBath Time
Stephen EllisRain
Stephen EllisRelief
Tec EvansA touch of red
Tec EvansUnder the boardwalk
Ann GardinerCome into my parlour
Ann GardinerIt rained earlier
Delena HarrisAldeyjarfoss Waterfall
Delena HarrisRiver
Nicky Higgensicm fountain splash
Barrie HowarthLake scene in a different light
Barrie HowarthSailing at sunset
Jenny JulianCrossing the water
Jenny JulianRiding the waves
Jenny JulianWaves
Liz KennyBridge to Nowhere
Brian LuntPond
Miriam Mannersharbour edge
Miriam Mannerspuddled
Miriam Mannerssunset waves
Jeff MulhollandIcicles
Jeff MulhollandSea Plume
Nigel Pitts-DrakeCascade
Nigel Pitts-DrakeLightwave
Neil PrendergastAerating
Neil PrendergastReverse waterfall
Neil PrendergastRough seas
Graham RoweBubbles In A Stream
Graham RoweHigh Force Teesdale
Graham RoweSt Johns Lock Lechlade On Thames
Pat RuggLakeside Morning Mist
Ian StanleyGalloway's Rocky Coast
Ian StanleyLiverpool
Ian StanleyWaves and backwash
Andrew WilliamsAutumn Swirls
Andrew WilliamsWinter Storm Brighton