2022/23 Competition 3 Open Results Listing

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Maggie BullockBrown Hare PortraitWinner
Maggie BullockTrio of Sika DeerVery Highly Commended
Lynda HaneyCurious OwletsVery Highly Commended
Lynda HaneyMothers LoveVery Highly Commended
Lynda HaneyMummy Mummy MummyVery Highly Commended
Nigel Pitts-DrakeTalacre SunriseVery Highly Commended
Maggie BullockMale Wheatear with InsectsHighly Commended
Ann GardinerPast_their_bestHighly Commended
Nicky HiggensLook into my EyesHighly Commended
Nicky HiggensThe StridHighly Commended
Liz KennyFirst DateHighly Commended
Liz KennyQuintessential ChesterHighly Commended
Liz KennySilver Studded BlueHighly Commended
Brian LuntSpiderHighly Commended
Miriam Mannersman on stairHighly Commended
Nigel Pitts-DrakeMorning DewHighly Commended
Vince ScrivenThe AbbeyHighly Commended
Andrew WilliamsGannet SquabbleHighly Commended
Peter EdwardsOur Man in HavanaCommended
Peter Edwardslarge red damselflies matingCommended
Stephen EllisRed KeysCommended
Ann GardinerBracken Corps de BalletCommended
Jenny JulianStaircaseCommended
Brian LuntRoseCommended
Miriam MannersSkylarkCommended
Jeff MulhollandJust AheadCommended
Nigel Pitts-DrakeHigger TorCommended
Graham RoweTaking A BowCommended
Vince ScrivenMating Lilly beetlesCommended
Vince ScrivenTongue over cheekCommended
Ian StanleySeahousesCommended
Andrew WilliamsNigellaCommended
Peter EdwardsCycloX
Stephen EllisStaged
Stephen EllisTeach the World
Tec EvansChimneys
Tec EvansGushing
Tec EvansVerticals
Magdalena FrayPink flowers
Magdalena FrayTullibardine Distillery
Magdalena FrayWoodland fungus
Ann GardinerPixie_cups
Nicky HiggensInto the Forest
Jenny JulianNant Mill Waterfall
Brian LuntFunghi
Miriam MannersArtichoke
Jeff MulhollandInside Move
Jeff MulhollandInto the Bend
Neil PrendergastMists of time
Neil PrendergastShingles and Lichen
Neil PrendergastTubular Vine
Graham RoweClinging onto Life
Graham RoweWells Cathedral
Ian StanleyCairn
Ian StanleyLady in Pink
Andrew WilliamsRHS Wakehurst