2019-20 Challenge 4 Shadows Results

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Results from the competition Shadows Subject held on 3rd August 2020, Judge Andy Findlay






Tec Evans DiagonalsWinner
Peter Edwards three forks three shadowsVery Highly Commended
Ian Stanley Hanging LaddersVery Highly Commended
Wynford Evans Shadows of Llandudno PierHighly Commended
Jeff Mulholland StretchHighly Commended
Andrew Williams DancingHighly Commended
Andrew Williams SunlightHighly Commended
Marie Aldridge Primary ControlCommended
Marie Aldridge Off Into the Milky WayCommended
Peter Edwards Triplane TriptychCommended
Peter Edwards bathroom self portraitCommended
Delena Harris Shadow triptychCommended
Liz Kenny Lonely Night In The ParkCommended
Miriam Manners Four waysCommended
Andrew Williams CurvesCommended
Marie Aldridge What Has Happened To Your Head
Tec Evans Three glasses
Ann Gardiner I spy lunch
Barrie Howarth Rail Crossing
Barrie Howarth Shadow of Death
Miriam Manners Queen of Spades
Jeff Mulholland Rocky Outlook
Jeff Mulholland On The Rails
Ian Stanley Clematis Shadow