2021 Castle Park Arts Centre Exhibition

The Club has been fortunate to secure Gallery 2 in Castle Park Arts Centre for our first exhibition of member’s work in a gallery space. The exhibition will open on Wed 11th August and run to Sun 19th September with a Preview Evening on Friday 13th August.

We will also make a ‘virtual’ exhibition using the same images.

We are very keen to show a wide range of our work and every and every member will be invited to display at least one image.

A small selection panel composed of members and committee members will choose one image to exhibit from each member who enters. The panel will then select a range of images to represent the Club’s work from the remaining entries up to the maximum we can display.

More information will be published as things become clearer.

The selection panel will meet and choose at least one image from each member as described above. We will email each entrant with the details of which of their images have been selected.
For each selected image members will be asked to submit a short description of their work to go alongside the image. You will be asked to arrange for the image to be printed and mounted in the
same way as for a print competition.

Help with printing and/or mounting will be available for any member that needs this.

Collection details will be sent out nearer the time.

This is a great event to show our work to the wider world and we hope you will all take the opportunity to participate.

You can upload your images in the usual way using the form below.

It should be submitted electronically when completed by clicking the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page. Your entry can be edited up until the closing date.

  • You can submit up to four images in total.
  • You can use images from any date whether they have been used in competitions or not.
  • The images size should be our current competition size of 1400 x 1050 pixels.
  • At least one of your images will be included in the exhibition.
  • The form will close on Sunday 14th March.

NOTE: If you get an error message when submitting your images it is probably caused by either

  • A slow internet connection so that the process times out before completing
  • The total size of your images is greater than the limit of 8Mb

To get around this upload fewer images at a time. Select and upload 1 or 2 images, submit these and see if that works. If so click the Edit button and you can upload more images. If this doesn’t fix things email webmaster@frodsham.photos.

1/ Do not use ANY punctuation marks, accents etc. in your image title as this causes us extra work . ONLY use letters A to Z a to z and numbers 0 – 9
2/ Name your files using the image title

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