Seeing in Sixes

November 1, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
via zoom
Marie Aldridge


SEEING IN SIXES  1.11.2021

We had a great evening last year creating over thirty ‘Seeing in Sixes’ collections.  I hope to use some of those, and further ones produced this year to create an ‘e’ book so that we can share each other’s successes.

Society members must produce six images that have got a connection between them.  This can be subject, colour, style or story based.  Each set should have a short story, description or poetry attached to it to enhance the viewers understanding and enjoyment of the set.  Finally, all six images, words and a title should be placed on one large base in such a way that their story is complete.

Important Entry Notes:

Please read the entry details carefully.

  • You may enter up to 3 sets of images
  • Your images should be prepared to the usual competition rules
  • Each set of images should contain 6 individual images plus a single ‘layout’ image showing images 1 to 6 arranged to your liking
  • Please name your files using the overall title for your set with the number order as a suffix, if there are spaces in your title substitute the _ character
    For example if your images et is called My Summer Holiday then name each file My_Summer_Holiday_1 My_Summer_Holiday_2 etc.
    Name the layout image My_Summer_Holiday_7
  • Each set has a separate entry form, fill in the first form and click the Submit button before you enter another set.

If you have any problems with the entry process contact Andrew via

For other queries contact Marie via