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Programme Secretary Uses Fujifilm XT2 Interested in Landscapes, Street & Abstracts

If you were one of the lucky ones who managed to take part in the light painting at Frodsham Caves recently then we’d really like to see your images. Please put your best 4 shots here. You will need to be logged in to see the options. We’d like you […]

Light Painting images

The ‘2022 Bob Robinson Trophy (Novice Cup)’ was judged on Sunday 9th of October 2022 by Phil Barber, Rob Wheelans, John Riley. This was an annual Federation competition for Federation Clubs. There were a total of 211 images submitted from 145 individual photographers across 2 sections. These 2 sections were:- […]

Bob Robinson (Novice Cup) Results

Just back from a very exciting evening at the Whitby Sports & Social Club in Ellesmere Port and WE WON! Some very interesting images were selected but I think we just had the edge with our tactics. For example, we played a bird and they countered with a puffin, however […]

Mix-and-match results

I sorry to inform members, that we have had to cancel our advertised session on 17th Oct.  This was due to unforeseen circumstances and we hope to place it later in the season. We have replaced it with a panel and critique session at the Community Centre which we hope […]

Belly Dancers delayed

Note that the opening meeting on 10th January 2022 will now take place via zoom. As a result we’ve had to change the topic for the evening, so apologies if you were getting ready for “bring back prints”, this will have to take place at a later date. With the […]

Event switched to zoom

Please note that we have had to extend the “Sixes” to cover the entire evening of 8th March. This is due to very high demand. This means that the Lightroom Q&A due to take place for part of that evening will be postponed now until the 29th March. If you […]

Lightroom Q&A

I want to remind members that time is running out for our Individual Projects. Since giving them out the world has turned somersaults. I know many of you have changed subjects, including myself. Last year we shared some very, interesting work that really showed how creative our members can be. […]

Members’ Individual Projects

Following the recent presentation by Robert Harvey some members asked about exposure times for photographing the Moon. Clearly the times will vary depending on how “old” the Moon is or in other words what phase it is showing. The details can be found on Robert’s website here. Also there is […]

Phases of the Moon