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Programme Secretary Uses Fujifilm XT2 Interested in Landscapes, Street & Abstracts

Note that the opening meeting on 10th January 2022 will now take place via zoom. As a result we’ve had to change the topic for the evening, so apologies if you were getting ready for “bring back prints”, this will have to take place at a later date. With the […]

Event switched to zoom

Please note that we have had to extend the “Sixes” to cover the entire evening of 8th March. This is due to very high demand. This means that the Lightroom Q&A due to take place for part of that evening will be postponed now until the 29th March. If you […]

Lightroom Q&A

I want to remind members that time is running out for our Individual Projects. Since giving them out the world has turned somersaults. I know many of you have changed subjects, including myself. Last year we shared some very, interesting work that really showed how creative our members can be. […]

Members’ Individual Projects

Following the recent presentation by Robert Harvey some members asked about exposure times for photographing the Moon. Clearly the times will vary depending on how “old” the Moon is or in other words what phase it is showing. The details can be found on Robert’s website here. Also there is […]

Phases of the Moon

We are pleased to announce that the March presentation slot has now been taken by Jade Stacy Maria. This will be an online presentation using zoom. Jade is a fashion and fine art model of almost 8 years who specialises in shooting predominantly on location. She has extensive experience in […]

March Presentation – Jade Stacy Maria

Unfortunately some of the springtime presentations have had to be cancelled because they were not compatible with our current online-only status. This is really due to the coronavirus. This means that the slots in the programme scheduled for talks in February, March & April will be updated soon. The February […]

Spring Presentations Amended

You may remember Maria Falconer MA MSc FRPS who made a presentation to the club recently on the subject of “dance” plus in the second half more “avant garde” images? She has contacted us to let us know that she and her partner Paul Hill are intending to do a […]

Maria Falconer and Paul Hill

Note that the original presentation planned for February 2021 will no longer take place as it cannot be made covid-compatible. However we can announce that Valda Bailey will now take the slot and present her talk ‘Let us Play – the appeal of photographic impressionism’ This is a fantastic opportunity […]

Valda Bailey

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic the society are not able to operate normally at the moment. Challenges are there to be overcome and we have surmounted that by holding our first ever online meeting last Monday, 18th May. The meeting was a quiz, “Brain of Frodsham”, and was attended […]

F&DPS Goes online & Quiz Results!

Hope you are are all staying safe strange times ahead? At long last I have the results of the Marsden Cup I am pasting the email which has been forwarded to myself. Thank you for all those who participated. Regards Miriam Information from Ellesmere Port … The night of the […]

Marsden Cup