Presentation – Starting from a Blank Canvas by Polina Plotnikova

September 14, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
On Line
Ian Stanley

Our first presentation for the 2020/21 season is an on-line talk by Polina Plotnikova. Polina is a very accomplished picture maker based in South East England who will be talking by the magic of Zoom.

‘Flowers and still life are my favourite photography subjects. Still life in particular is perfect for a perfectionist like me – no one fidgets or makes faces, no sudden gust of wind or some other quirk of ever-changing weather can spoil your shot. But, by the same token, you cannot count on something interesting that just happens all of a sudden – it is all up to you; the choices are infinite, and the final result is entirely in your own hands.

The approach to flower photography that I take is somewhat similar to that of a portrait photographer – for every flower and plant that I photograph, I always try to find its unique look, study its mood and character, and ultimately unlock the hidden beauty of my models. A successful flower portrait attempts to discover something unique in a flower, something hidden or not necessarily obvious at first sight.
While appreciating the natural beauty of plants and trying to stay true to their original look, I do not limit my point of view to purely botanical. Instead, I try to lift a flower off its typical setting and put it into indeterminate space, where its beauty can be seen in all its purity.’

Studio shot of white parrot type Tulip flower

For more information see Polina’s website.