The Club has secured Gallery 2 at Castle Park Arts Centre for an exhibition of member’s work. The dates for your diary are 11th August to the 19th September with a preview evening on 13th August. We want to showcase work from all our members so we need your best […]

Club Exhibition 2021

Marie has organised a really interesting new member’s evening for Monday 1st February and we would like as many members as possible to take part. On the website you will find a gallery of all the images which, believe it or not, failed to impress the judge in our first […]

The One That Got Away

To get you back in the photographic zone after Christmas we are having a fun challenge as the second part of our Member’s Evening on 11th January. We would like you to exercise those ‘little grey cells’ to come up with some ‘Mystery Images’, photographs of everyday objects taken from […]

Mystery Object ???

On Monday 14th Dec. we had an excellent Member’s Evening presented by Marie and Ian based on Liz Pearce’s original idea where local artist David Button reviewed our images which were based upon the style of an artist. David chose a number of images for more detailed comment. There was […]

Images in the Style of Gallery

This was our first online competition using an external judge. Overall the evening went smoothly and we have learnt some lessons as well! The results are now available here. The next competition is our first Open subject which will be judged on 26th October, don’t forget the hand in dates […]

Looking Through Competition & next closing date

This was our first attempt at a public Zoom talk and we hope everyone who attended enjoyed Jeremy’s images from 5x macro insects up to Sea Eagles. To see more of Jeremy’s work or to browse his upcoming workshops, please visit his website here. The Society’s 2020-21 season start on […]

Jeremy Malley-Smith

This was scheduled to take place last season before the lockdown changed the way we run the Society. As a result the entry system was set up to follow the competition rules for mixed Print and PDI entries. The competition will now be the first one for the 2020/21 season […]

Looking Through Competition

We allocated our individual projects after our quiz online. Members projects are listed in the table below and hopefully you can develop the idea in your own way. If you find you are unable to come up with any ideas or really hate the project, I have a few more […]

Projects for New Season