Haiku Images – A clarification

Apologies if we caused some confusion on Monday night.

Ian and I are exploring a way to add text into slideshows directly rather than having to re type it.
We can grab test from the Title and the Caption/Description fields to allow this and thought the Haiku entries would make a good first try.

Of course we appreciate that you want to have control over the font/size/presentation of your Haiku as it is part of the overall entry.

So just to be clear, please upload your finished entries with the Haiku included as part of the image following the guidance on the event page.

If you have, or can produce, an image without the text this would be handy for Ian as part of the slideshow. Please send it directly to Ian (Programme@frodsham.photos) but don’t worry if this is not possible.

For future member’s evenings we will be asking for the Title and Caption/Description fields to be added. I am in the middle of preparing a short video to show how this is done in Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and Affinity Photo so watch out for that.

Andrew Williams, Webmaster