Mix-and-match results

Just back from a very exciting evening at the Whitby Sports & Social Club in Ellesmere Port and WE WON!

Some very interesting images were selected but I think we just had the edge with our tactics. For example, we played a bird and they countered with a puffin, however we also had a puffin in reserve and so played that immediately afterwards in the full knowledge that they were unlikely to have a second puffin and we played our “joker” at that point to double our scores!

At half time there was some debate about the scores but we went with their scores, so 20-15 to us.

The second half of course meant that it became more and more difficult to find matches which created some hilarity. We missed a trick with the three mice. We countered with three deer but later realised that we had three mice on the painting in the elephant image! In the end though it was not important to the result. We completed the second half 17-16 to them.

This meant that the final scores were 36-32 to us.

The judge, James Hardy, was the right person for the right evening. He did a grand job.