Brain of Frodsham … &DPS Quiz – SIGN UP NOW!

Our first attempt at a Zoom on-line quiz for the prestigious  ‘Brain of Frodsham … &DPS’  happens on Monday night and we would really like a good turn out.

To allow the quiz to run smoothly we need members to sign in here by 12:00 on Monday (you need to be logged in).

You will need a PC/laptop or tablet (PC or Mac) equipped with a camera and microphone to take part. Zoom will run on a phone but the screen size may make it difficult to take part.
The quiz will have 4 rounds of 5 questions. The questions will be read out by Ian, our Quiz Master for the evening and will also appear on your screen.
Each question will be multiple choice so just record your answer on the score sheet which will be emailed out on Monday (or just a piece of paper!). At the end of each round we will display the answers on screen and ask you to score yourself (we are trusting you not to Google the answers etc., that may be a stretch for some of you ☺). in turn to un-mute your microphone and tell us your score.
At the end we will tot up the scores and announce the ‘Brain of Frodsham … &DPS’.
To prepare for the quiz it’s a good idea to install Zoom beforehand. It is free and you only need to supply your email.
Download ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ here:
NOTE – If you already have Zoom make sure you have the latest version (5.0.2).
There are lots of good videos on their site to help you get going and test things out. If you need help prior to the meeting, email a committee member who will try to help.
NOTE that we cannot provide ANY technical support during the event (and would ask all participants not to try to help) as other people’s experience shows that this is just too disruptive. If anything major goes wrong during the quiz we will shut it down and send an email with a revised meeting time and start again.
The quiz will run with your microphone and video camera muted for much of the time as 20 people trying to talk simultaneously will be chaotic! We can and will do this remotely so please don’t override this.
We will try to open things up to all from time to time for more general discussion if possible.
To take part in the quiz we need you to log in to the website and sign up
ONLY those signed up will be able to take part, please do NOT circulate the meeting details to anyone else.
On Monday afternoon we will email all those signed up with the meeting ID and Password you will need to take part and a score sheet to print out.
This is very much an experiment for the club so please bear with us if things are a bit ‘clunky’. We are also using this as a learning exercise in preparation for possible on-line club presentations and maybe competitions.