F&DPS Goes online & Quiz Results!

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic the society are not able to operate normally at the moment. Challenges are there to be overcome and we have surmounted that by holding our first ever online meeting last Monday, 18th May. The meeting was a quiz, “Brain of Frodsham”, and was attended by 15 members. The questions were set by me (Ian) and the levers were pulled in the background by our webmaster (Andrew). Thanks to all who took part.

Congratulations to Jenny Julian, our winner after a tie break with Andy Findlay decided the outcome.


Andy Findlay14Second
Ann Gardiner12
Brian Lunt12
Deleena Harris13Equal Third
Jenny Julian15Winner
Liz Kenny13Equal Third
Marie Aldridge9
Miriam Manners10
Peter Edwards12
Phil Griffiths11
Roy Bowden12
Tec Evans10
Wynford Evans11