In the style of …

November 15, 2021 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Marie Aldridge

WEEK 11     In the Style of an Artist 15.11.2021

Interpret skilfully and we can’t wait to see what you produce this year.  We will also try and collect the images together so that we can share them.

Imagination is Key!!!!!!!

Here are some artists that may be of interest and help you come up with a creation.

Pablo Picasso …

The Weeping Woman

Rene Magritte…

Well known for his bowler hats paintings.  Here in ‘Golconde’, could have a modern interpretation.  I can imagine Boris hanging over Parliament!!!!


L.S. Lowry…

Lots of industrial scenes which surely could be transformed from members scenes of Liverpool or Manchester and old industrial images on file.  Here on a wall.

  A Lancashire Village


Lots of dots from Georges Seurat

  Le Seine a La Grande


Animals and landscapes from E. Landseer ‘There is No Place Like Home’


Abstraction from Mark Rothko

   Red on Maroon

Georgia O’ Keeffe and  her abundance of styles and pictures.

  Jimson Weed


There are lots of other artists that could work well,

Salvador Dali,

Edward Munch…

Vincent Van Gogh


Hieronymous Bosh

Cy Twombly

J.W, Turner

George Stubbs

Henri Rousseau

P.A. Renoir

Good Luck Everyone

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