3-way Battle in Helsby

Photo of trophy presentation

(Bulletin from Miriam)
Report on last night’s 3-way battle between Frodsham|Northwich|Mid-Cheshire Photo Clubs. This took place at Helsby Community Centre which was a comfortable and spacious venue with good facilities.

A big thank you to all who helped on the night these things do not just happen and for all those who helped it was very much appreciated and it helped the evening run smoothly. The judge was Keith Barbour from Swinton & District P.S. and to quote his words, “they we all a very good set of Prints and DPI’s”

Final scores are as follows:

Winner of the best Print : Northwich (Crested Tit Scotland, Barbara Baker)
Winner of best PDI : Frodsham (In a Summer Meadow, Lynda Haney)

Final Scores:

Winners : Mid Cheshire 352 points
2nd place : Frodsham 349 points
3rd place : Northwich 345 points

Individual scores can be seen on the Competitions Results Page.

Photo of trophy presentation

Ray Girling of Mid Cheshire Camera Club receives the trophy presented by Miriam Manners of Frodsham & District Photographic Society.